Welcome to St. Genevieve Church

We are a unique, vibrant, and welcoming parish community with a long history of service to Las Cruces. St. Genevieve Church was established in 1859 and we have been growing steadily over the years. Our parish is composed of over 900 families.  There are many opportunities for meeting and making friends at St. Genevieve - and for offering service to one another and our community at large. We try to live our parish motto: "Called to Holiness".

The Mission of Saint Genevieve Church is to increase the awareness of God’s presence in our homes and community.  We are dedicated to helping those in need of spiritual and material assistance and we encourage all people to fully utilize their gifts in service to others.  We want to draw all people towards holiness and a closer relationship with God.

We are striving to love God with all of our mind, heart, and soul.  We do this through devotion, prayer and service to others.  We as a community try to live our lives dedicated to God, to have Jesus in the center of our lives, and to have him as our Master and Lord. We ask him for perseverance, strength, and wisdom to obtain our ultimate goal which is to look into his face and be received into his kingdom after our death.   

I hope that you will come and see what God is doing in the midst of our historic and active community.  There is a place for you and there is a need for the gifts that you offer.  Come and participate in the Mass with us, we look forward to sharing the graces of the sacraments with you.  Come and study with us, be drawn closer to Christ.  Come and serve with us, learn with us how to love one another as God loves us.   The invitation comes first from God and then from the whole parish family of St. Genevieve’s.

Very Rev. Rogelio Martinez, Pastor